Nature's Grain

Nature's Grain
Nature's Grain

Nature's Grain

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8.5" x 11" Archival Pigment Print - First Edition of 25.

This image was captured during a spring snowstorm (not uncommon in Canada!). After a long, cold winter, April came and the land began to thaw, readying itself for spring. However, winter had one more surprise in store for us. The snow fell thick and heavy, and quickly accumulated in the trees. I instantly knew that the contrast offered by the dark pine forest and bright snow would make a great black and white image. I have been shooting a lot of film recently and have fallen in love with the various types of film grain that characterize the medium. Wanting to replicate this, I used a flash to illuminate the falling snow to create a natural grain pattern, adding depth and character to the final image.

Your purchase helps to support a good cause! $2 from the proceeds of each sale is donated to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

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Each print is produced using the finest materials available.

Paper: Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique -  this award-winning, acid-free, museum-grade paper uses the same barium sulphate coating as traditional silver halide prints and exhibits excellent black density, a wide colour gamut, and great image sharpness. These properties compliment this image perfectly, retaining the subtle details in the shadows while helping to give a timeless feel to the image.

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