I think there is nothing better than seeing an image brought to life in print. The tactile experience of being able to touch it, smell it, and see the way the texture of the paper interacts with, and enhances, the image is something that cannot be replicated online. 

My images are available as archival pigment prints. I produce all prints myself, which ensures that you are receiving the finest quality print possible.

I have conducted a lot of testing and research in order to source the finest inks and materials to be used in my printing process.  Everything from the grain, thickness, and whiteness of the paper has been considered. The way the ink reacts to different types of paper has also been painstakingly tested with the finest attention to detail to find the perfect combination that will enhance and bring to life each specific image.

Paramount in my decision making process, however, are the archival properties and longevity of each print edition - I want to be sure that you are completely satisfied with your investment. For this reason, I only use pigment inks and acid-free papers that comply with the ISO 9706 standard for maximum longevity and print permanence.

Each print is also individually signed and numbered an acid-free pigment ink pen.