Images and words by  Shian Tan .

Images and words by Shian Tan.

this land is our land

...ours to experience and to share... ...ours to admire and to care for... ...ours to enjoy and to protect... 

My daughter is my inspiration for nearly everything I do.  As a new father I find myself frequently asking - what kind of future am I building for her?  What kind of world will I be leaving behind?  Will these wild lands and animals that her mother and I both adore still be recognizable for her? Will they even still exist?

I have been inspired by the power of an image, paired with a few carefully chosen words, to provoke self-reflection, thought, and action.  In a day and age where images are shared and consumed in an instant, I believe that there is a huge opportunity to create a community that not only cares about how we treat the world, but lives those values everyday. 

So this is my work; my way of promoting mindfulness and conservation of the environment through imagery and story-telling.  

I truly hope that these images will not become a memorial of what once was, but will continue to be a reminder of the power we all have to preserve what has taken millennia to create.